My Name is Shy. Last name, Pride.
My Name is Shy. Last name, Pride. pride stories

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I don’t think people know this, but—Shyness is Pride.

My Name is Shy. Last name, Pride.


Hi...My name is Shy.

I...don’t like to talk much.

Cuz if I do you’ll stare or smirk

So it’s better

To just hush.

I am mostly found (sigh)

In corners.

Wedged in the Wall, head down in hall

With a bunch of warily mourners.

I don’t like to be seen, you see,

So the back is where I belong, to be.

I, I

Dress in clothes that don’t bat an eye

Because duh, my name is Shy!

Black is my style trend always

Slouch, not bounce, is just okay

For my fancy, oh no fancy

Just worn hand me downs from

Auntie Nancy.

It doesn’t matter to have nappy hair

Bad hygiene—who even cares?

I know they don’t,

So me, as Shy, also won’t.

I can’t help it. Being Shy

Is just what I—am.

I can’t change that.

I am just always in the back

And talking to people—

Not my cup of tea.

Quiet is my specialty.

Truth is,

I am just like the most popular girl in school

The ones who try to be cool

The ones who know to rule—

Cuz I only care about me.

Me me me.

If I get teased. If I get laughed at.


Someone else getting teased?

I don’t wanna get teased back,

So I don’t say anything.

I know I have a talent, a skill

But I will

Zip my mouth

And just keep still

Cuz I don’t want to be bullied.

And I don’t care if people could

Be motivated and inspired

By my gift

I care about my well being

More than theirs.

Why talk to those girls?

I am too selfish to talk.

I don’t want people looking at me.

So I just get up and walk


If there’s someone who wants a friend

If there’s someone who needs a song

If there’s someone who needs a hug

Don’t count on me, I just shuffle along.

So hi, my name is Shy

Don’t expect me to look you

In the eye

Cuz it’s all about





So I look down so I don’t get hurt


My name is Shy, so good bye,

I talked way too much

Since I care about myself so much,

It is better if I just…


Krystle Zachary


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