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My Light

I am Light.

I was a babe, crying and wailing. God kissed my open mouth, and light blossomed there.

It remained ever since.

My light danced through me, around me as a child

As it does for all children,

And of course darkness tried to yank it from my hands.

I pulled. Dark pulled. A vicious tug of war...

Until I entered school, and the light clattered from my fingers.

I was alone. Wandering, bumbling with the bullying price tags hanging off me, pinned there by teachers and students,

So I was pulled out of school. I pulled out my match and tried to flicker it back to life,

Another big traumatic breath puffed it away.

In high school I tried again

My light was hesistant, dancing shyly, looking down at the ground.

A boy picked it up and cradled it in his arms.

My light was saved.

But because of him, me and him both suffocated my light, my love, away.

I was alone again.

So I ventured out, my body trembling, cold and hot and wet and dried up

I went to seek The Light.

I went to my Heavenly Father,

He wrapped me tight.

He danced with me all night

And all day

He didn't leave

Like everyone else did.

My Light is steadily beating, some days it's brighter and bigger than others

But even on those fearsome days, it still has its bright, dancing flame.

I wonder where your light is

Seek the Father

So yours can dance

And sing

As well.

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