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My Hair

It showed signs of life, eager and bursting through the earliest years of my life

Quickly bundled into protection on what we call braids

Braids braids braids is what I wore that kept my real hair from showing

As I started growing

Was my hair breaking?

Wanting to try new things

Made my hair spring out

Curls and curls and curls

My dad said,

"Wear a hat."

"Wear a scarf around your head."

Never seeing the light of day

My natural hair stayed indoors

But it couldn't even stay indoors as long

As I got older

My dad always touched it

Like I was a dog

With long long fur

And I would be stiff

And grit my teeth

As he did it

And I slowly hated my hair

Covered it up, concealed

And my dad was happy

And my mom was happy.

"Your hair is not as thick as your sister's," she explained, as if that justified everything.

My hair is too thin to put in cute styles

My parents and sister say

I wanted to love my hair.

I can only love my hair in silence

In solitude.

Running my fingers through my curls

I grow affectionate for my hair

But I can't ever show it.

People won't like it.

My parents don't.

So why would they?

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