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My Eyes

My eyes

My eyes are a mystery

To me.

I have astigmatism,

Which means one eye is stronger than the other.

When I was younger I had to wear an eyepatch

I was a pirate

I liked it, but only for 5 minutes.

I couldn't really see, because the patch was made to cover the stronger eye, so the "lazy eye " can be strengthened.

I couldn't play the way I wanted, I was always bumping into things.

Plus my eye would get sweaty behind the patch and it felt real uncomfortable.

Every time I took it off I got a spanking.

I didn't like my eyes.

One day I prayed, "If I had to choose between glasses or a patch, I would choose glasses, Jesus."

A few years later I got an eye checkup.

My eyes are so bad, the biggest E was blurry.

I got my first pair of glasses!

Everything seemed to be cleaned with diamonds when I first put them on. Words that I didn't even know were blurry appeared in my view.

I loved them,

But only for a few days.

I thought I looked nerdy with the glasses,

Nerdy and ugly.

My dad always told me to take my glasses off, so it further solidified my point.

At ten years old I got surgery on my lazy eye.

I was put to sleep and I remember it like it was yesterday,

I whined for my stuffed cat and when I was put to sleep it smelled like strong mints,

And when I woke up hours later I was aching as I watched Spongebob

And I cried and cried because I had a bandage around my eye and I thought my eye was bleeding, I didn't understand,

To this day, if you look closely

You will see a brown mark under my lazy eye.

Where they did surgery on it.

My eye is still lazy, and my eyes are real weak

But it doesn't affect my life.

The only time I really notice my astigmatism is

When I'm putting on mascara or any type of eye makeup.

I can’t really see where I’m applying my falsies for example, so I have to lean reeeaall close to the mirror, for example.

My dad said that when he and mom found out

That I had astigmatism

They did a lot of prayers on me.

My dad thought that I would grow up

With my eyes going opposite ways.

My lazy eye does move without my will, it's kinda cool actually

But you wouldn't notice unless I took my glasss off for a long time

That my eyes might look a little...crooked I guess.

I never thought my eyes were beautiful

Until my high school lover said so

He said they looked like stars

Glittering in a night sky.

I never saw them like that

Until he did, I have to admit.

I started looking more closely at my eyes.

They hold such a lovely mystery that I can't look at them for long in the mirror

Because my eyes are black black black and then there's a sparkle there that is too hard to explain

I had guys tell me my eyes are gorgeous

But every time I ask them why, they can't describe it.

I can't describe it either.

They say eyes are windows to the soul.

I think my eyes are windows to my soul. My spirit My heart. My everything.

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