My Convo with God, the next day
My Convo with God, the next day singleness stories

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Disclaimer: I do have quiet moments with God to talk with Him. I know some of you may not believe it but none of y’all can shake my faith.

My Convo with God, the next day

God: Krystle. Krystle?

Me: Yes?

God: I'm not trying to frustrate you.

Me: I know.

God: My Plans are so much bigger than what you can dream of.

Me: I'm not that mad at You anymore. Cuz today I just got my period, so I don't feel as thirsty right now.

God: Good.

Me: But I'm still confused. Why are all the guys who are pursuing me not crazy about You, and the ones who are crazy about You ignore me?

God: Because you set your mind that way.

Me: ?

God: Deep down you believe that there are no more good guys out there. Good, Christian guys. Good, Black Christian guys.

Me: Why did you mention race into it?

God: Because I know you. You like black men.

Me: Yeahhhh...I do. Do you have a problem with me dating a white guy?

God: No.

Me: He's so nice. I never dated a white guy before.

God: But--

Me: I know, I know, he doesn't believe in You. But he said he'll respect my religion.

God: But this isn't a religion's a relationship.

God: I'm not trying to harm you. I never want to do that to you.

Me: So should I just let him go?


Me: God, I feel weak. I really want to rebel sometimes. I've never been touched by a man. He wants to give me a free foot massage. He called me cute. He said my eyes are gorgeous.

God: I made your eyes.

Me: I know, but that's not the point!

God: I made your eyes, I crafted you. I know every movement you make, every thought you have--

Me: Every thought?

God: Yes.

Me: So I guess you heard every thought on Friday when I was--I feel too ashamed to be in your presence.

God: I love you.

Me: *starts crying*

God: I got you. Don't worry about the boy. I got it.

Me: What are you gonna do?

God: I got it.

Me: I really want to satisfy myself but I just can't stop clinging to You.

God: Just trust.

Me: The Guy you send, he better be worth all of this. I'm sacrificing a lot. Well I know You sacrificed much more with handling me, but...

God: I love you.

Me: I love you too.

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