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Why do I Believe?

My Belief

Why do I


My belief is not always so


I stumble. I fall.

SoMeTimEs i FaLl PuRpOsElY.

Just so I don't have to face responsibility.

Why do I believe in Jesus?

It just seems so real to me, more and more each day.

I can't fathom waking up

Without Him singing love songs over me,

I need Him

More than I need the gulps of air

More than I crave for love of a man

More than my dreams that I only tell certain people

Jesus is the only one who lets my world go round

That gives it meaning.

You may think I'm such a goody goody.

Judgemental Christian.

A religious freak.

Well, you have your opinions

While I have my silent opinions

About YOU.

I questioned my belief

In high school

Wondering if there really was a God

That loved me

And guided me

I would always have voices in my ear.

God is not real.

Well, I had so many


Seemingly big,

Seemingly small

All so intimate

All so personal

Almost scary

On how precise the confirmation is

That I don't think anyone

Can shake off my belief.

God, I love you so much.

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