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Moth(the script) christian stories

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How is it like to be moth?
This is skit that I made for my church a few years ago. This is the first time I’m putting a script on Commaful. Let me know if y’all like it so I can post more!

Moth(the script)

Scene- In the living room. It is in unsaturated colors and with worn furniture. Everything is in disarray, and bleak.

Mom stomps in center stage then paces back in forth, in a maddening, bewildering manner. Her clothes also match the furniture--disarray and torn.

Her hair is strung out, and she is clenching and unclenching her fists, muttering to herself. Her body is hunched over and she is slightly shaking.

Jason jogs to catch up to her, but he is also frustrated and very annoyed.

Mom (her voice straining)

Why don’t you understand?


Understand what? That you don’t want me to be seen with this girl because it reminds you of you and Dad’s old days---


Stop. Just--stop. (starts crying) You hate me. That is why you are doing hate your own mother.(starts throwing things at her son, crying even louder.)


Mom, you’re drunk. Come and sit down. (tries to grab her hand).

Mom(screaming, recalling painful memories)

Don’t touch me! Howard, I warned you once and I’m...I’m not gonna warn you again…

Jason (shaking her gently)

Mom, Mom! It’s just me. Your son.

Mom (relapses back in present, looking a little dazed, but once she sees her son her face is in disgust. She pushes him)

Well get out! You pathetic man. You never wanted to visit me without a pure intention. Just get out of here! And leave with that wretched girl too.

Jason(retreats outside where it’s raining. He slowly breathes in and out, and prays.)

Jesus, I need your help. Please just show me that you’re here, that you’re here for me and my mamma...please!

Scene Two

A few hours later

Jason is sleeping in his childhood bedroom.

Mom(whisper-screaming from the other room)

Jason, JASON! Help me.

Jason(puts on his robe and enters his mother’s room.)

What is it’s the middle of the night.

Mom(pointing from her bed)

It’s a moth! A moth in front of my window...and I want it dead.


Okay, okay...let me get a jar.


What!--No. I said I wanted it dead.


Mom, it’s not fair. It’s alright, both of you guys will be alive and well. Win win. Lemme go get it.


When I went into the dimmed kitchen, I heard something that made my hairs stand on end. Well, actually, when I recall it, it was the absence of sound that terrified me.

Usually Mom would be muttering or grumbling or even singing softly to herself. But this time it was just quiet. And she wasn’t just sleeping either, I know, because she usually snores.

So I crept back into her room, and there was my mother, clad in her white gown that shone along with the moonlight illuminating her blackened room, staring at the moth.

And then I hear her sing.


Such a beauty

Blossom, what causes them

To fantasize with light?

The very thing

That could kill them

Faintly, right on sight.

Yet the warm air invites them

To an heir of paradise

To fly away, for yet another day

Their beauty shines again.


And Mom starts crying, but not her usual ugly cries. But a beautiful, happy cry, tears silently streaming. Just from staring at a moth.

She turns and looks at me.


Do you have the jar, Jason?


Y-yes Mom.


Let me do it.


And Mom, who is absolutely terrified of bugs and would use a foot long pole to touch them, gently puts the moth in the jar.

We open the door and she lets the moth out, eagerly flying in the warm night sky.

Mom(leans against Jason, her head down, eyes closed.)


Jason(squeezes her shoulder.)

It’s okay.


No…(stares upward for a long moment, before looking straight at him.) Be that moth, Jason. I say yes.


I stare at her, open mouthed, and the world seems to flitter and flicker like wings.I finally find my reaction and I hug and kiss her.


Then I realize, as I ran back to my room, that God has answered my cry...not in a way that was expected, but more beautiful than I can ever imagined.


So the next day I go into Kay’s Jeweler. (inspirational music plays)

And the next week I propose to Jacqlien, my mom at my side. (show silhouette of Jason bending one knee to Jacqlien)

And the next year as I see my precious bride walk down that aisle, I see the delicate, thin fabric of her wedding dress, I see the moth, and the tears came.

Who knew…. that God would convince my mother through a moth?

(Reckless Love plays)


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