Monday Wednesday Friday Mornings
Monday Wednesday Friday Mornings teaching stories
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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Monday Wednesday Friday Mornings

I wake up to the sirens of dawn

Raindrops mercilessly pounding at my window

My warm dorm replaced with an igloo

Frost bursting from my nose.

I groan. I-want-to-go-back-to-sleep.

But I get up.

I throw on my clothes,

Throw God a kiss and run out the door.

The cold likes to mess with me.

I shiver so hard that I am crying

Until my ride pulls up.

I clamber in, my inner sobs subside

As I feel the conditioner soothing my tired body

But now I just want to remain in the car forever and ever.

I moan.

But I get out.

I run walk to the school, my thoughts furry and blurry

From no sleep, from frost, the good mornings of others bubbling at my ears but I don't feel like saying good morning back

I want my bed I want my bed I want my bed I want--

"Ms. Zachary!"

A little girl flies in my arms.

My thoughts pop as I look down at her

Her eyes shimmering for more learning

What does she want to learn?

I smile and hug her back.

Soon a flood of students come and greet me,

Ready for my words to spill

Ready for my arms to comfort

Ready for my eyes to look at them with annoyance, with surprise, with understanding

They can't afford for me to fall.

I am not tired anymore.

How can I when I have my lovely students to teach?

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