Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King martin luther king stories

kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Disclaimer: You might not believe me
Which I don't really care.
I will have many more of these for Black History month.

Martin Luther King

Can I look at him the same?

When you are older, you realize

Gaping holes in our history

That were never ventured upon as children,

Teachers might have never known,

But I, about to be a certified one, knows some

Hush hush truths that want to be stifled

My brother and dad and I know

My mother reluctantly knows.

My sister just doesn't care.

Was his dream his own

Or was it fabricated by other leaders, other influencers

That infiltrated his mind and got exposed to everyone else, black and white

Ready to receive?

That's the hush hush truth that people do not know

That people do not question.

Was his dream really legit.

Did his dream really make sense?

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