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Laughter bubbles and simmers I sweep in, use my apron as a gown


Laughter bubbles and simmers

I sweep in, use my apron as a gown

Lil sis laughs and pushes the recipe up my nose

Lil bro bounces and yells if he can lick the spoon when I'm done

I gather all my ingredients in one sweep

And I add ketchup at the top of my pile.

I let Lil sis pour in the ingredients, so careful, she is,

And when she was done, I squirted ketchup all in the bowl.

My siblings stare at me with gumdrop eyes

Lil sis shrieks, "That wasn't in the recipe!"

I shrug. "So?"

Lil bro laughs so hard that his little chin bumps the table, and the bowl starts to topple.

I catch it with one hand, and lick the remains with my finger.

"Ewww! Use a spoon!" Lil sis expresses, and I pour the substance in cups, place it in the oven.

While we wait we eat ketchup, lick ketchup, suck ketchup. Our faces are filled with rich tomato and paste by the time the oven sounds.

We eat them hot, dousing it with more and more ketchup. Lil sis and Lil bro look like two dripping cherries. Everything smells of tomato. I fall asleep in the redness.

Next time, I thought sleepily, we'll eat mustard.

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