Just a Little Faith Note* Endless
Just a Little Faith Note* Endless note stories

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Just a Little Faith Note #2: Endless

Just a Little Faith Note* Endless

Endless, Jesus

Your love is endless like a gushing waterfall

It never drips out and runs out

I can always douse myself clean

From any crap I do.

Endless, I wonder if people can be endless

Well, I think the right people can try

With You, of course

They can love me like you love me

But they have to use the Holy Spirit to help them

Accountability partners to help them

Godly friends to help them

I will appreciate their effort to be endless to me

As I make my effort to be endless to them.

Lord, send me people who endlessly accept me

Who endlessly will jump hurdles for me

Even when the destination seems inherently impossible.

And help me to be endless in my love towards them

Some days it will be so easy, and other days it will seem so hopeless

But I smile in your face, Jesus, because I know you'll always help me with this.

I hope the people you send are endless in their seek of You

Before they seek me

I hope they can experience your endless, beautiful, gut wrenching love

Because life is so bland without it.

I love you Lord. Thank you for being endless.

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