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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Making a new series called Just a Little Faith Note. This is the first little note.

Just a Little Faith Note*Kindness

The first little note

Kindness to my heart.

I need kindness to my heart, Lord.

Gentle, not so hard, please not so hard, I'm too delicate right now.

The people in my life, please let them be kind, I can't take any jokes

Any manipulation, right now.

I can take it sometimes, but I want to relax. But I'm scared to relax because what if this beauty that I am touching

Is just a dream?

I don't want my life to become a nightmare.

Kindness to my heart, I need kindness to my heart, Lord.

Please don't let them scratch me, don't let them bruise me. I don't want to lick my wounds any longer,

My tongue is already thick with the taste of metallic, blood.

I want warmth, with a bit of firmness, just to know that it won't leave,

So when I close my eyes I don't have to open them up for another 8 hours.

Kindness, kindness to my heart, Jesus,

I know you give that, I love you so much.

Please send people who can give me kindness

No matter how terrible I can act,

No matter how mean I can be.

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