Just a Little Faith Note Series* Newness
Just a Little Faith Note Series* Newness newness stories
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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Newness, God. I am tired of the old.

Just a Little Faith Note Series* Newness

Newness, God.

I am tired of the old.

It is 2020 now,

And I am tired of feeling my cells close in,

Tired of feeling like I can't move or breathe,

Preparing myself for disappointment, preparing myself for rejection

Like how a bear hibernates for a winter, how ants provide for the winter.

I have newness in my spirit.

I should smile, no matter what happens.

You know why? Because You got me!

I am already laden with the gifts to handle possible rejection


I also have the gift to receive

To receive a gift of newness.

Maybe, I prepare myself for oldness and negativity so much because deep down,

I feel like I don't deserve God's blessing.

God's sweet, newness of love translated into a human being

Perhaps I feel like, this can't be real.

This is too good, too new, to be true.

I've never tasted this before, it's delicious

Jesus, is this real?

I am tired of wondering. Of Worrying. Of Fearing Of Pumping brainwashed media in my brain: "This is no good!"

I am going to act like a real Christian

And operate in Faith.

I will go forth towards the Newness

Stroke it, nuzzle it, tell it hello

And I will expect it to snuggle me back

Instead of biting me into oldness.

Thank you for your newness, Lord.

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