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She. Is. So. Beautiful.

Jewel Rain Vase

By Krystle Zachary

I see the jewels in her eyes

She. Is. So. Beautiful.

I don't know if she can see it.

How can I let her know?

My feelings rain on her

She is soaked.

She is shivering,

She is cold.

She is running away.

Why is she running from me?

The droplets are playing in her hair

It's a new, unique jewelry.

I try to put my love for her in a vase.

She keeps tipping it over.

She tells me she loves the flowers.

Then why does the vase always remain


I don't think she loves me.

I see the jewels in his eyes.

He looks at me.

He. Is. So. Beautiful.

I reach out to him,

But gnarled claws hold me back.

My fears assure me to calm down

They tell me that this is too good to be true.

They suggest for me to nitpick his flaws

So that he may go away

And not break my tender heart.

I nod.

My fears are always right.

Aren't they?

His feelings, his actions, rain down on me

I tentatively step outside to taste it

It tastes sweet and very real

I want to dance and prance in it

But my fears shush me

Cooing that this is rain he just manufactured

It's not real.

Suddenly the rain is too cold and sharp

It stings my eyes

So I turn and run back inside.

He puts his love in a vase

And he smiles big and presents it to me

I love it

I absolutely love it

No one has ever done this to me before

And I want to explode with happiness


That but bursts my heart as I dwell on

Other people

The hurts





That I received

And I feel so much pain

So I take the vase

And I have it drop at my feet.


He loves me.

I see the jewels in her eyes

I see the jewels in his eyes

So I polish them for her to see

I allow him to polish me, refine me

I know it hurts her a little

It hurts me a little

So I act gentle

He's so gentle.

I water her softly

He waters me softly

And her smile slowly blooms

He's my sun, and I start to grow in his presence

I hold my umbrella over her

He covers me

I whisper everything is gonna be okay

Everything will be okay, he whispers.

I hold her hands

He holds my hands

And together we put my love for her in a vase.

She trembles.

I tremble.

She's so delicate...

I'm so weak...

Oh, how I love her.

He looks at me with such tenderness and love

I look away.

I gently turn her face towards me, to look in my eyes

His eyes are jewels, rain...

I clutch the vase tighter.

I don't let go.

I won't let you go, he whispers.

And I allow myself to smell his love

It smells so sweet and real.

And I bring my lips to his and

He kisses me slowly, softly.

Her touch is a jewel to me

Her rain is soft, shy, but


Her love for me is placed in a vase,

Right next to my love for her.

We don't hide it

That I love her.

He loves me.

And I love him.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. 1 John 4 18

The end

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