If You End Up With Her
If You End Up With Her girl stories

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It is your choice, not hers, if you end up with her.

If You End Up With Her

Krystle Zachary

They say she takes a different form

It depends on how she's feeling.

She looks innocent at first

Typical, big eyes that seem to drown you

Plump lips that you are tempted to kiss

The cute button nose , the perky breasts,

Her high cheekbones that lights up something in you when she smiles

But just get to know her a little longer.

Ask her questions. Probe her with a scapel. Take tests.

And I assure you that she will change her form.

When she's hungry, her deep eyes will grow darker, and her body rumbles.

When she's angry, her face slowly contorts into a grimace, and she moans.

When's she's lonely,

She cries.

And her tears will overwhelm her sweet soft face until all you can see are those dark eyes.

When she's tired, she yells and jumps and thrashes about

Her new form almost complete.

She never wants to go to sleep.

She fears it, because sleep means she has to submit.

Sleep means she's no longer in control and someone bigger than her is.

Sleep is her enemy.

So if you ever end up with her,

Lift her in your arms. Kiss her all over.

Rub her arms and whisper in her ears that you love her.

And she will shake and convulse and she may scream,

But she will slowly go back to her pleasant form.

After this ordeal, make sure she eats. She prefers anything sweet. Sweet and creamy and packed with pleasure dreams.

And she’ll smile, and everything in you lights up, although you know that you will have to change her form all over again. Soon.

But you don’t really care.

After all, you did Choose to end up being with her.

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