I did it
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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Thank you for my sister and her big mouth. Confirmation!

I did it

I broke it

I'm done

It's over

I died

I am numb.

I broke the tie

I had with my highschool... friend? crush? lover? ex? ...My highschool something

Six years

We were never intimate

Only in my mind

He never abused me

But I allowed his cat games

Pull tug pull tug

To have me run around like a little puppy

Yapping for his attention

We would stop, sputter, resume again

Me knowing the road would be bumpy

1 time he pursued me

1 time he said he was in love

4 times he rejected me

Saying that he doesn't know

Millions of times I've accepted

Cheapening myself.

But now I'm done

I prayed for confirmation

I told God

My flesh wants him

But I want you more

So tell me what to do

Show me a sign.

And He definitely did

I'm not going to cry

But Oh My Goodness

Do you know how much God protected me??

How am I still a virgin??

God's hand was on me

He really loves Him some Krystle

He must have something so big for me

Some big assignment that I'm destined to fulfill

Because I've been through that fire of six years

And there is NO MARK on me

I am done

I am free

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