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22 is going to be one of my best ages. Something great is going to happen

Hey 22

22 is going to be one of my best ages.

Something great is going to happen

Something big

Something beautiful.

I cried on my birthday, when I woke up

And then I had to cling on God and he flew me away

I saw my family.

Their love for me...

Their genuine love that might be buried sometimes because of my thoughts or their's...

I saw my beauty

Not only through their eyes but my own, saw the power that God has gave me and now I'm ready to pursue it...

22 is that age, man.

Where I will dive headfirst really fast,

I'm gonna be a little impulsive

To make up for my cautious and paralyzed nature

I will risk my pride, my status, my image,

By saying 3 words

I have to say it now

Before it's too late.

I'm 22,

Things that used to thrill me is now sandpaper in my mouth

I keep on reaching my arms, "Jesus! Daddy! Pick me up!"

At night on my birthday I cried,

My stomach twisting.

I had to breathe.

And smile.

And praise God...

I really have no idea of what's going to happen next,

Right now my life seems like a movie,

And y'all might be utterly confused at this point, wondering what in the world I'm talking about.

I don't want to say it now,

I want to just lay low for now, but

It'll come out soon.

I just know that when I look around,

Everything looks different. Everything looks


I have a feeling that I'm going to like being a double 2 more than being 21.

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