Halftime Show (explicit)
Halftime Show (explicit) halftime stories

kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Disclaimer: some things you may not agree with. I’m just confused.

Halftime Show (explicit)

The music pulses through my body

As she shakes

She grinds

She sashays

Her half naked body unashamed to the world

I am a Christian girl,

Never been kissed(even on the cheek)

By any man

Never had sex

Never had hands up any places on my body

But when I watch shows like this

For a brief second

I wonder

If I act like her,

Maybe I could have it

The girls and guys swarm around her like she is a god

She is god

She shimmies up the pole and spreads her arms her everything

Looking like how Jesus died

Looking like how Jesus died

Mocking like how Jesus died

And my trance melts and I shake

But in anger

And fire lights up around them and I get confused

How the world bashes sexual assault and sexual harassment

Yet they allow and praise these women to be lusted and desired after Dangling irrisistble temptation, jeering, “you can look, fantasize, drool over me, but no touchie!”

Jeering to little boys, to old men

It doesn't make sense

It doesn't make sense

Is the world supposed to make sense?

I turn off the show

I look at myself in the mirror

Wondering if I could dance like her

Wondering if a guy would touch me if I did

Wondering why I would even want that.

The next day when I taught my fifth grade class

The little boys were talking about her

"Wow," they kept saying. "Wow."

Wow, I say to the hypocrisy, to the evil of this world.

Simply, wow.

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