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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Fear seemed to follow me Since I was a little girl


Fear seemed to follow me

Since I was a little girl

Afraid to raise my hand to go to the bathroom

It seemed like something was yanking my hand down

Warning me.

I would always end up with a wet stain on my pants

Which is ironically scarier than saying,

"Teacher, I have to go!"

But I kept staying silent, and I kept using it in my clothes.

Fear seemed to lick at my ears

In disdain

As I found love in Bible stories and praying and learning about this man named Jesus

And when I discovered something at a young age

And I did something at a young age

That you could consider 'traumatic'

Fear danced around me once more

I no longer wanted to hug anyone

Were they filled with itchy spiders of memories?

Would their hands brush past me, cobwebs of hate and disgust?

I did not want anyone near me.

God seemed so far away

And fear seemed so close

That I could smell its breath

And it was nasty.

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