Dolphin Tales
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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Plunge with me.

Dolphin Tales

Plunge with me,

Feel the salt and the ice shock you into tranquility

But I can't swim you choke out,

Your arms flailing for a slippery slide

I'm drowning in my own blood,

But I want to be with you.

With you. With you. You. With...

\ Click to me and smile at me,

Your eyes glistening mischievously underwater

Let me know that you are here to catch me

Although you were not quite made for catching.


I want to leap in your corner

Splash delicacies all over us

I wanna be

With you. With you. With you. I...

Communicate with your clicks

Let me know that you still love me

And that the water around you is crisp

Crisp enough to hold my explosion


Let me ride on your back

I want to be with you

with you with you withyou youyouyou I want...

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