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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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How will it be


Every time I shiver, I giggle.

Every time I quiver, I wiggle

I gasp in delight

In the dark of the night

When I see little lights flicker

My steps are lighter, a little quicker.

I can't hide my eyes from laughing

The expressions on others are baffling

I dance with glee and finally

I can have a chance of tip tapping.

When I think of snow, I whisper

When I think of fire, my sister

Is spun around and twirled about

By me, as I sing and shout

And I bob my head like a hipster.

If I drink coffee, I savor

If I eat cake, the flavor

Remains to purr on my tongue

My excitement dripping, it hung

Up To dry,

And then, suddenly, I cry.

Because December is very near

And I almost fear

That it won't be as great as it is in my mind

But my dread disappears everytime

Year after year it was better than the rest

So to dread it now I detest

It will be the best December ever

Therefore, I dance and sing forever.

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