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You were my training wheels for this moment. I am 21.

Dear 20

You were my training wheels for this moment.

I am 21.

I am 21?

I am 21!

I am 21.

How will it be.

Am I ready?

I've been pushed out of my nest too early.

Can I use my wings

To fly?

Or fall?

Thank God for you 20,

You showed me what happens when I make mistakes

When I act like a complete fool

When I don't love myself.

Thanks to you 20,

I now not in love with unicorns and rainbows and kid songs

I learned how to embrace the darkness

Because there are blinking stars there.

Will I find my true love

At 21?

Will I be in love with God

At 21?

Will I cry

Like my lungs will burst

At 21?

Will I laugh

Until I can't breathe

At 21?

Will I be beautiful?

Will I be intelligent?

Will I be a best selling author?

Will I find someone who loves to read and write and is Hamiltrash

Like me

At 21?

I want to be scared,

I want to go back to my nest.

Looks comfy there.

But no.

What's up Danger.

I want to taste that rejection.

I want to tremble.

I want to fall in love

Even if he leaves me

I want to praise God with reckless abandon.

I want that recognition.

I crave that peace.

I long for that heat heat heat

As I leap

I can't stop myself from growing up

No longer how hard I plead.

I am not a child anymore.

Hello 21.

I am so glad to be here with you.

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