Day 18
Day 18 sleepover stories
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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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I don't want to break anymore.

Day 18

Right now I'm at a sleepover

With my girl friends.

I need a break

to unwind

from the living wind

of all

the assignments, lessons, stories,


Sometimes friends are like teacups

You want to handle them carefully so they don't break

And you don't want to break them because they are too beautiful to break

But because you're so clumsy, you shatter them anyway.

Sometimes I think I am clumsy when I'm around people.

My friend said she wanted to play hide and seek and I said that I'm Not Playing.

She got an attitude and said that the girls wanted to play hide and seek all day and that I was being inconsiderate.

There was silence in the room and I kept smiling, but inside I was running around, bumping into things, Confused. We were college girls. It was a small apartment.

I just didn't feel like crawling all over to find a hiding place that was non-existent.

I already played Truth or Truth with them and Never Have I Ever, which I think I won because according to them, I have never been rebellious in my life.

But now I'm really tired and I wanted to go to sleep. I think I only had 3 hours of sleep total for this whole week.

When we finally curled up to bed, I fell asleep right away, which rarely happens to me. Friends are like tea cups, they can easily break. I hope I don't break anyone today.

Especially a particular girl who is pregnant. She is showing now and it's absolutely beautiful. We already argued yesterday and I don't want to argue anymore. I don't want the baby to be mad.

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