Day 15
Day 15 prek stories

kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Yesterday Was aaaahhhhahhhhhhahhhh

Day 15


Was aaaahhhhahhhhhhahhhh

I was trying to be calm

But I was stressing

Because I had to go to Mom's pre-k class and that was going to take the whole day

And I still had projects due that I barely started on yet

Once I got in the classroom,

One of the little girls flew into my arms,

And my heart melted.

When I was interacting with the four year olds my anxiety went down,

It transfused into calm simplicity

As I had them cut out what they wanted for Christmas

Then, my mom had me tour with a young man in the middle school

He taught 7th grade engineering.

He wasn't the best looking, but he was real nice

He bought me lunch, even though I said I had money, and I ate lots of food

(But it was healthy tho)

I am scared of Disappointment

Because I get Weak when it comes to guys

So I....

Anyway my mom thanked me over and over for coming

She said I made her day so much better

I had no idea that she really wanted me

And needed me

I'm glad I came.

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