Day 13
Day 13 school stories

kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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Last day

Day 13

Today is my last day of break,

Last day of eating a mess of sweets,

Last day casually watching movies.

Back to work.

I got to spend more time with my mom today,

It's like I didn't talk to her all week.

She gave me her warm wisdom that I absolutely love,

Just her and me.

I told her about my ex. At first she tried to defend him, saying he wasn't a jerk, he just wasn't right for me,

But when I reminded her of the things he did, she said, "Oh yeah, he is a jerk!"

She said I need to improve my confidence so I can stop having lingering thoughts of him,

And I said okay.

We bought a printer for me and felt paper, glitter, and clay for her

She loves her prek class that she teaches and she would never admit this

But her actions speak volumes.

So I always smile sneakily to myself.

I took my behavior class exam.

I got an 85 on the final.

Uggh...but hopefully that will sustain my 70 in the class.

I'm excited for school tomorrow,

Comfortable from my shower, soothed from Asmr,

I'm ready.

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