Day 12
Day 12 food stories

kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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I have to get away sometimes

Day 12

I messed up on day 10


Because I was like, "Well, I accomplished 10 days, so..."

But I'm back up,

Still striving.

Today my siblings, my dad and I

Went out allllll daaaaay

I did have fun with them

I brought my sketch book to finish my children's nonfiction book

That is due next week.

I felt so accomplished when I was done sketching.

We went to buy new phones for my parents, and my brother and sister took the phones that were my parents' old ones,

My sister was in a bad mood today so she kept shouting and whining and arguing and insulting and we all told her to shut up,

And she just told us to shut up as she glued her eyes on the phones.

We picked up lots of leftovers from Thanksgiving,

And when we got home I made most of it.

My dad said I am a work in progress and that I can't serve my husband cold mashed potatoes (because I forgot to stir it after I microwaved it)

He is right.

I want my husband to have the best.

I can't wait to get married, but I have to embrace singleness,

Because once I get married I can't go back.

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