Cushion me (Explicit) (Just being real and raw)
Cushion me (Explicit)
(Just being real and raw) cushion stories
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kzachar1 ooh that’s a God idea, lemme write that
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I try to satisfy my longings With everything but you

Cushion me (Explicit) (Just being real and raw)

I try to satisfy my longings

With everything but you.

Saying how can you satisfy me in that way

When I'm alone

Like literally alone now

I wanna be comfortable,

I wanna get warm,

Yet when I finally let go,

I feel cold all over again.

The cycle must continue for me to get in the state of peace,

I think, but I know deep down that I will never be truly happy

If I do it this way.

So I bow down, I put on my song

That stimulates my whole being

A rush of ecstasy as I worship you

It hits me different, but fulfills what I really wanted:

Unwavering love, undying comfort, relentless pursuit of my heart

As I stand naked in front of you, unashamed, I allow you to cushion my yielding head

Into your warm arms

How do you love me after all the things I think?

After all the things I do?

All the pride and lust that rages and that bursts out of me

How do you continue to stare at me with tender affection?

Oh Jesus, how I love you...

Everyday I am learning your love for me,

Even though it doesn't seem like it,

My heart is softening to your touch.

Continue to cushion me with

Your comfort

Especially during this isolating time.

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