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Chapter 8 The Next Day.


Chapter 8

The Next Day.

Kelsie talks to herself. She talks to God. She throws on a dress. She looks in the mirror. Her brown skin glows warmth, and she lets her hair spill over her shoulders.

She bounces downstairs and talks to her mother, who is smiling sunrays. She talks to her little brother. Says she will take him to the playground today.

He makes a face and says no, playgrounds are not for him. Kelsie howls, and tickles him, and dances out the house.

She meets Cameron who is waiting for her at the coffee shop.

-Let’s not eat here today,

He says and takes her hand.

~Where should we go?

Kelsie asks. She still marvels how her voice sounds with his, a rich and substantial melody.

-Lunch. So we can talk to other people.

He says...

-So... people can hear your hum, too, Kelsie.

Kelsie. She feels his eyes pouring in her.

~Did you pack any peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

Her voice was a child's.

Cameron's eyes widen. His smile fills his whole face.

And he leans and kisses her on the cheek.

It is light,

And it is brief,

But it is all Kelsie needed.

To talk and talk and talk and talk

And class starts and she still wants to talk

And a girl walks and talks with Cameron and Kelsie and they

Walk to class and Kelsie talks and talks until she gets a talking to,

But it isn’t severe because this is her first offense, and for the first time her professor’s voice has life in it,

So Kelsie doesn’t have to find the murderer after all, and

Kelsie talks and talks

To Cameron, and he talks and talks to her, about their dreams raining on both until

They are soaked with what the future may bring,

and Cameron walks her home and he hugs her and they hug for so long, even longer than yesterday...

And Kelsie talks and talks and talks with her family until her voice starts getting hoarse, and she finally goes to bed.


Yes dear.

I made a new friend.

And what’s the friend’s name?

Cameron. He talks a lot.

And his life can be...very hard. And hurting, like mine.

But he likes me. And I like him too.

And we are both working through it...together.

That’s great, honey! Stay by his side. I knew you would make a good friend. You are too good, you deserve only good.

Thank you, Mommy. And yes, he is the bestest, bestest friend a girl like me can have.***

Kelsie smiles sleepily and snuggles under the covers. She doesn’t want to close her eyes. Not yet.

Hums and unimaginable dreams, filled with light, dances and jumps Double Dutch in her head, the ropes steadily slapping the ground as she jumps, and jumps …and jumps...

with Cameron jumping alongside her...

There is no love in fear. But perfect love drives out fear...

1 John 4:18


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