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I must.

To make up for all the stuff I heaped on myself

All the crap I have carried from childhood

Is it weird that I say I love myself in the mirror,

That I look sexy and hot?

Why don't we question when we say

We hate ourselves in the mirror,

That our breasts sag, that we are ugly?

Is it weird that I hold myself

When I get angry?

Like, I literally wrap my arms around myself

And say


It's okay, it's okay.

And sometimes I will rock myself


Whispering sweet nothings

To myself.

Yet it seems acceptable

To hit and abuse our own skin

When we are angry

We don't question

Why we stand very very very still

Repulsed to touch any part of ourselves.

I am learning

To f a l l

in love

with me.

Yet the world sees this as cocky

Or narcissistic.

Have these people ever

Caressed themselves?

Rub their bare arms long and slow

It awakens things in me

My own sensations

For me,

That God has graced me with.

Is that so bad?

To take long perfumy showers

And to fully enjoy it?

Is it so wrong

To go out on a date with yourself,

Writing love notes and sticking them in your purse

To cherish them for later?

I want to learn

How to fall



in love

with me.

With me!

So much I learn

As I caress myself to sleep.

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