Getting Started with 3D Printing
Getting Started with 3D Printing stories

kylephamCo-Founder of CubeForme
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3D printing is a revolutionary technology, with applications in almost every industry. Here are some thoughts about how and why I got into 3D printing, with some tips for those who are interested!

Getting Started with 3D Printing

by kylepham

The creative potential of 3D printing fascinated me.

3D printing is a manufacturing technology that makes three dimensoinal objects from digital files., a layer by layer process that brings designs of all kinds to life.

I was amazed by all the 3D printable objects I saw online.

From unique sculptures to creative gadgets, there seemed to be no end to the kinds of things that were being 3D printed. Clear intersection of arts and engineering.

So I formed a startup built on 3D printing.

Given the grown and potential of the industry, I founded CubeForme - the first monthly subscription box to feature 3D printed creations. We instantly had a unique premise and an impact to make.

We did some research & chose a Delta style FDM printer.

We went with the Rostock MAX V2, for its large size and efficiency in spite of a cheaper price point. We did have to assemble it, since it came as a kit instead of pre-built!

There have been some difficulties along the way...

To start, it took two solid weeks to assemble the printer. From there, we've had trouble with calibration and many messed up prints. Our printer broke down at a point, too.

And 3D printing takes a very long time.

Print times for objects that aren't even big can take many hours. A 3 inch fox sculpture took us over three hours. But careful calibration and multi-tasking help ease the pain.

But we've been able to print so many cool creations.

We actively work with designers each month, and have been able to print some neat products like clocks and mini crossbows!

3D printing has so many applications, and a bright future.

On a global scale, you can see 3D printing being used for massive construction & prosthetic projects. And even on a smaller scale, there's innovative design in so many areas.

It's not too hard to start, and there's plenty of guides.

While there's a bit of an initial investment, many cheaper desktop and rentable 3D printers exist. Numerous online guides and videos are available for reference, as are local resources.

There's a lot of interest, and the sky's the limit!

3D printing can be a hobby and something to build a career out of. The Maker community is wonderful, and above all - there's the freedom to create what you want.

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