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The sky so vast, containing so much past.


The sky so vast,containing so much past. The sea so deep filled with many dreams. In between the sky and the sea, is my trusted boat and me. I gaze at the sky's past While the seas' dreams carry me along quite fast.

There is no engine on this boat. Nor are there sails, Just a young man following a trail. The sky's past shows dead ends. While the sea shows future currents.

No matter what I see in the sky, It is sadly reflected in the sea. The reflection shows the same outcome, Just different times. In the sky they carry sticks and stones. And in the sea use horses and swords.

The current pulls me further and nothing has changed. Now planes fly through sky's past, While the seas only show flames. My trusted boat and I Must stay afloat.

The currents get rougher As the times get tougher. I've dealt with waves of this magnitude before, And of that I am sure.

Wait, why is the sky so black ? So are the seas. This I have never seen, The sky is reflecting the sea But how could it be? I must peer into the sea even further. Oh no, its the murder of another black brother.

How long has it been ? Change so powerful it could wipe away sin. 2000 years was the last. My trusted boat and I, Must stay afloat. With no engine or any sails, Just a very old man following a trail.


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