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kyle_lee Love is hard; loving isn’t.
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Not-as-planned. My life was planned by someone else, and I ruined their plan.

My Life

As a princess I have a duty.

My life was planned before I was even born.

I was to grow up extravagantly, make friends with princess Rachel, Learn sewing, marry Prince Arnold.

All I wanted to do was learn to ride a horse.

I wanted to learn how to weild a sword.

I wanted to be friends with Princess Fiona, not Princess Rachel.

I wanted to marry someone I loved. Not someone chosen for me.

I broke out of the living nightmare one day. I ruined their plan.

I ran away.

I ran to a village.

I ran to a village. I started my own life!

Things went not as planned.

Things went not as planned. When I left, The kingdom fell into a drought and lost most of their wealth and people.

Their plans were ruined!

Their plans were ruined! And I was happy about it!

Tell me what you think of this! This is for the Not-as-planned writing contest!

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