Mother's Gone But Stephanie Is Here
Mother's Gone But Stephanie Is Here mothersday stories

kyle_lee Love is hard; loving isn’t.
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A story about a girl who loses her mother. Her father always brings women home. Is Stephanie different from the rest?

Mother's Gone But Stephanie Is Here

My mother left me at a young age. My father had already divorced her. He always had another woman with him.

My mother, Patricia. She was very kind. She always put me first. She was my only friend.

Every time on Mother's Day. I get Blue flowers, cause blue was her favorite color. It's also my favorite color.

I don't tell my dad or his "girlfriend." But I always see him crying infront of her picture on Mother's Day. Sometimes I feel sorry for him.

But then I remember he was the one who took my mother away from me.

Whenever I miss her, I get out of the house, and ride my bike to her grave stone and cry myself to sleep there.

It was two years later.

My dad has a new girlfriend. Her name was Stephanie. She was always trying to be nice to me. It was weird. Until she saw me crying at my mother's grave one day.

She brought a blanket and wrapped me in it.

"I know you don't like me. But you remind me of my son, Addison. He lives with his father now. He doesn't like to talk or see me." Stephanie told me.

"Oh. I didn't know that. Im sorry." I told her, still not looking at her.

"Is this your mother's grave?"


"Ok." She said and interlocked her hands, like she was praying.

It was weird, I never thought Stephanie cared. She always tried to get on my good side- but that is what every woman my dad brought home did.

Was she different?

Did she really care?

That week, Stephanie and I got closer.

By the next year, I had already begun calling her Mom.

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