Adrianna Part One.
Adrianna Part One. romance stories

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Adrianna. Alic, a shy, nobody at her school. Declan, the popular guy. Xavier, Alic´s caring twin brother. Ash, Alic´s best friend. Adrianna, who is she? Alic has secrets. Can she overcome them with the help of friends.

Adrianna Part One.

(Author: So, Alic is pronounced Uh-lease.)

It was peaceful before he came into my life. Well, I guess peaceful was boring. I had always distanced myself from most people for as long as I can remember.

I knew what emotions I would face if I did something wrong and they left me. I didn't want to feel the sorrow of losing people again.

I didn't like that feeling, I actually didn't like feelings at all- I was always expression less. I never really felt emotions for a while before him. He changed my world for the better.

It all started the first day of junior year. I was 16 at the time. I walked up to my locker, my brother had left about two hours after me for school. I had morning club.

Ash and I are the only ones who actively participate in our club activities, the other members are just ghost members.

Ash is my only friend, she is the only person who stuck with me since we met- in middle school- hence, making her very over-protective of me.

We went to different middle schools though, we were neighbors, but the boundary line was in between our houses.

When we moved, we moved into her school boundaries, so we now go to school with each other.

Besides her, the only person I wanted to talk to would be my brothers friend, Declan. One time Declan helped me pick up my books, he also saved me without knowing. I kinda fell for him- hard.

Very hard. I was head over heels for him, but we had only conversed a couple times. He was actually starting to want to talk with me more. (I put a picture of heels because she said she was head over heels for him.)

Ash knew I liked him. She was supportive of me.

Ash walked with me to my locker. Club activities had just ended, school was about to begin in about fifteen minutes. My brother, Xavier, the only way we talked at school was in letters.

We had come to the conclusion it was best for people to not know we were related. He always left a letter in my locker if he needed to talk. And today was no different.

There it was, a letter in my locker. How I knew it was from him? It was in a blue envelope. I took it out and read it.

'Dear Alic, I wanted to tell you that today I will be going to a party. So, make sure to make yourself dinner! I will be eating out with my friends for a late dinner, Ash will also be with me. Sorry if you guys were planning on having a girls night! I will go straight home and leave at eight. Love, Your brother- Xavier.'

Xavier and Ash were the only ones who called my Alic. My full name is real weird- Alicilynn (Uh-Lease-i-Lynn). Yeah, I know!

I got saddened at the news Ash would be going with Xavier. But I didn't want to hold them back, after all, they were dating!

Ash looked over into my locker, her eyes went huge and she started blushing.

"Hey! Hey! Look! You have another letter! Maybe it's Declan! Oh! Maybe it's a love letter! OPEN IT!!!" Ash was the enthusiastic, extroverted type of person, so she shouted that in my ear.

I only noticed it when she said it. The envelope was a deep emerald color, like Declan's eyes. I opened the letter expecting it to be from someone interested in the club. Boy, was I surprised.

'Dear Alicilynn, Today I scored you an invite to Jake Corbin's party! I didn't know if you wanted to come, and I didn't want to force you. Please think about it. Please call me if you need someone to talk to at the party or someone to go with. If you want to talk, I am free any time! I would be pleased to talk! The invitation is in the back of the envelope. You need it to enter, You can reach me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. From, Declan!'

"Girl! Look! You have his number!" Ash then started dancing and jumping around, "You got his nu~~mber! You got his nu~~mber! You got his nu~~mber!! I am so telling your brother!"

"Oh, god! Please don't tell Xavier! I would be way too embarrassed if he went up to Declan!!" In front of Ash, I could be myself. My shy, quirky self.

It was the only time I would really show and feel emotions.

"Sure~," Ash was very excited, she skipped off to her first class, ELA.

When Ash got to her class, she sat down in her seat next to Xavier and started talking to him. "Guess what?!"

"What? Did you get another boyfriend and are here to break up with me?" Xavier asked in a sarcastic tone.

"Nope! So! The guy Alic is crazy for invited her to Jake Corbin's party! Can you believe it! He even gave her his number! I feel like she might just get a boyfriend!!"

Ash was beaming with joy during her sentence.

"Who is he. Tell me who he is, what class he's in right now, and how long has she been crushing on him! I'm gonna go beat th-," Xavier responded.

"Well, guess what? Its your friend! Declan! Wouldn't it be nice if Alic got a boyfriend?" Ash was still super excited. She calmed down after a minute and started taking out her notebook.

Xavier was shocked, but he went on with class. He didn't know how he was supposed to feel. For your sister to go out with your friend? (Author: I know. He doesn't know what to feel, when he is dating his sisters bff?)

After the bell rang, Xavier grabbed his stuff quickly. Ash hurried and tried to follow him. Xavier ran up to Declan. Ash followed him.

"What are you planning?! What are you going to do to my sister?! Why would you invite her to Jake's party?!" Xavier asked getting all close to Declan.

"Umm...... The only one I invited was Alicilynn......" Declan paused. It looked like he figured something out. "Oh. I knew you had a sister! Never imagined it would be Alicilynn! Well, I invited her because we have been talking lately, she just seems so sad and lonely whenever Ash isn't around. I thought I would try different things to cheer her up. She can decline if she wants to."

Xavier didn't look convinced, but he was lenient and told Declan to be watch her at the party if she went.

Ash took Xavier's hand and pulled him inside their next class. Declan waited a minute outside until the bell rang and he rushed inside.

Declan sat down in his seat at the very back of the class. He pulled out his phone and hid it under the desk, so the teacher wouldn't see.

After a minute of staring at his phone, he got a message from an unknown number.

'Hi, it's Alicilynn. About your inquiry, I do not have the fondest memories of parties, but I would love to go with you. I can meet you at my house. I am pretty sure Ash told Xavier and that Xavier has already houded you about me. So you probably know we are siblings now. I can't wait to go with you! ^_^ Sorry for the weird emoji! It was best one I know.'

"Pfft!!" Declan laughed at her message.

"Declan! Is there something you would like to share with the class?" The stern teacher had asked Declan, putting her hands on her hips.

"Actually, to all the ladies who are trying to go with me to the party tonight. I'm already going with someone." Declan sarcastically said.

Xavier and Ash laughed. The teacher walked over to him and gave him a detention slip. Declan put it in his pocket and went back to the lesson.

I hadn't talked to Declan or Xavier at school after that. Ash did tell me about what Xavier did. I was astounded he didn't do anything more.

After school that day. Ash and I were walking to where Xavier and I live. Our brother is our guardian, but he has his own family, so he checks in on us every couple of days.

We were both carrying our instruments in our hand, Ash had a normal two strap backpack, but I had a leather satchel that surprisingly fit all my school stuff.

Ash was very excited. She was practically skipping. She was fantasizing about something, I wasn't sure at the time.

When we got to our house Ash ran through the hallway into my room up the stairs, she practically lived in our house sometimes. She had started to go through my closet.

Ash has stored some of her close in my closet for whenever she came over to go to a party right after school with Xavier or when she spent the night with me.

I didn't have any clothes that weren't hoodies, long shirts, sweats, jeans, and sweatshirts. I didn't have any cute clothes like she did.

I went up to my room. She was already looking for clothes even though it was only about four o'clock. Throwing one here, then another there. Flinging them everywhere.

After two hours of her looking through everything she had finally found clothes for her. And she was at it again, flailing clothes around.

After what seemed like an eternity- one more hour- she was finally done.

Ash had done my hair into a high bun, and left two small pieces of hair out with my bangs. (Sorta like this.)

She had chosen my outfit, she made me dress up all "pretty" as she called it. She said I needed to do my best for Declan- that comment made me go as red as an apple.

As Ash had picked out, I was wearing a light pink shirt, a jean skirt that went down to my knees, a pair of white wedges, two pairs of gold hoop earrings (as I had two piercings),

and I chose my leather satchel. Ash was very mad that I wanted to take my satchel.

She almost had a fit and said it ruined my "cuteness," but I took it anyway- My phone, journal, tissues, locket, and some other things all fit in there.

By the time we were done getting dressed and ready there was only like 30 minutes until the party started, Declan was already downstairs with Xavier.

I guess Xavier was so astonished by the way I looked he asked "Wheres my sister?"

"Right here!!" Ash said very proudly. It was like she was showing off an item.

We walked down the stairs and you could tell Xavier was astonished. He soon got over it and we were walking out to the street to get a cab. By the time we got to the party, it was almost over.

It took about 45 minutes to get there, apparently, it was the cab drivers first day of work.

We showed the guy the invitations and we were let in. I just followed Ash around for a little. I didn't like parties that much, but I didn't want to miss my chance with Declan.

After a while, I got glimpse of the clothes Declan was wearing, and I went to him.

Author: What did you think of it??? This is just the first part, so if you like it, stay tuned for part two!!! Tell me what you think in the description!!

I put this picture of a betta!! He kinda looks my special boi, Mr. Bills!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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