Adrianna Part 2.
Adrianna Part 2. romance stories

kyle_lee Love is hard; loving isn’t.
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Adrianna. Alic, a shy, nobody at her school. Declan, the popular guy. Xavier, Alic´s caring twin brother. Ash, Alic´s best friend. Adrianna, who is she? Alic has secrets. Can she overcome them with the help of friends.

Adrianna Part 2.

I went to Declan. He was in the kitchen talking to some of his friends. They seemed to be talking about sports. As soon as I walked up to him, I pulled on his hoodie sleeve. It got his attention.

"Hey! Whats up? You okay? Do you want to go home now?" Declan asked me not paying any mind to the conversation he was in before I walked up.

"Oh, no Im fine. I just... need someone to be with... I don't like being alone... at parties." I whispered to him, tugging at his hoodie sleeve. I didn't want people to misunderstand.

"Of course! I'm so sorry!!" He waved to his friends and took off with me. He put his hand out, I put mine in his hands and he held hands and walked into the living room.

We sat on the sofa and watched all the other kids just talking and drinking.

We started to talk about music and then we got into a friendly argument about whether the brass or woodwinds were better. We both ended up arguing how strings were better.

We didn't even realize we were agreeing. We started to calm down.

I was happy. Spending time with my crush. Dressing up with my BFF. We were going to go to dinner after this with Ash and Declan. I was having the time of my life.

Suddenly, I got a text. *Ping* (That's her text message sound)

I turned on my phone. It was from Xavier. It was probably about Ash saying something to someone else and getting a black eye.

It's not like she hasn't done that before, but that's when she was defending me. I pressed on the text notification. I put in my password- 0,8,1,3,1,8. I looked at the text 'They're here.'

I heard laughing not far away. Shivers went down my spine. I knew that laugh. I knew who it was. I knew it very well.

Declan seemed to pick up on the mood and asked if I was ok. I told him I was fine with a fake smile. My signature.

Soon, a group of people walked by and stopped. They started whispering to themselves.

"Hey... Is that you, Alic?" The boy with messy brown hair asked.

"Y-yeah..." I responded back, only after I hesitated.

"Haha! I always wondered where she went! Can you believe she still hasn't moved to another country or changed?" The girl next to him laughed and flipped her gorgeous hair behind her shoulder.

Declan could tell I was getting scared, that got him aggravated. He was about to say something when the boy interrupted. "Oh, yeah. How is she? I haven't heard anything since you left."

Declan could feel the air. He grabbed my hand and we walked out of there. He took us the second floor family room. Xavier and Ash were there.

Declan went up to them and they saw me shaking and trembling.

"Alic! What wrong?"Ash came running to me and hugged me. I hugged her back and started crying.

"It was them! Wasn't it?!" Xavier said looking around.

I just nodded back to him. Still crying my eyes out. I couldn't stop. The memories were coming back. Hitting me like a flood. I thought about it every night, but now, it hit even harder....

I zoned out for a couple minutes. They were all yelling. But yelling quietly, so no one heard. I couldn't exactly hear what they were saying, but it was obviously about me and them.

What else would it have been about? Dragons? Chairs? The party? Nemo?

I snapped back into reality when Xavier asked where they were.

"Uhmm...... I- I don't know....... they might..... have left...." I whispered.

"Ugh!! I'll make sure to get them next time I see them!!" Xavier yelled in anger.

"I-it's fine." I told them.

"No! It's not! I might not know who they are! Or what they did! But you're shaking!!" Declan shouted, holding my hand.

"Let's get out of here before I do something!" Ash grabbed my hand and stormed out.

Declan and Xavier followed. We stood outside waiting for our cab. Declan gave me his coat because I was cold. Ash and Xavier were holding hands, but it looked like they were planning something...

By the time we got out of the cab and got to the restaurant and got our food, it was already 10:30pm.

Declan got a normal cheeseburger with fries, Ash got a bowl of spaghetti, Xavier got nachos, and I got a salad.

"So, who were they?" Declan asked while dipping a fry in some barbecue sauce.

"Uhmm....... that was...." I paused. "That was..... Nicolai.... and.... Riona..... my...."

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