Knitted Souls
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kyle_beholding Community member
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Many dream of a soul mate.

Knitted Souls

I am mesmerized as I look into your eyes,

I see the essence of your beauty,

Even more beautiful than looking at stars in the night sky,

your soul within you is who I love, and allows me to prefer your whole physicality,

even your parts that you call blemishes, I see them as a symbol,

of your wonderful individuality,

the way you move, the way we dance, hand in hand, I am enhanced,

you taught me to favor your brown eyes, they sparkle with hues of red, I savor within the the light of the sunrise,

but I can also hold you, in the darkness and feel the presence of your beautiful essence, and still feel as if there were sunlight,

I am knitted to you, and you to me, you take my breath away, but also make it easier to live and breathe,

you help me in ways that you might not understand, you allow me to have joy, even when it is hard, and push me to be the best of who I am.

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