Cold Coffee
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kyle_beholding Community member
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"Lonely is a ring on a cold coffee cup"

Cold Coffee

Coffee stains on a cold cup,

I go to the coffee pot,

but I forgot,

It's from yesterday,

Because my mind,

Is still on you,

I don't want a new brew,

I poor the cold old coffee in,

Sip the acidic all black, because in my heart there's a crack,

Maybe I should be drinking gin, at least then I'd have a grin

The sweetness in my life is gone,

Play that sad song,

Stare off into the room,

There's the dust pan and the broom,

But I just sit, lonely,

wishing I wasn't fixated on you,

Sipping on cold old brew,

Forgot to buy half and half,

You would have just laughed,

Seeing me wandering,


Credence to you leaving me,

Never liked my poetry,

Said I was emotionally weak,

Perhaps I am,

Hope you find,

Where the grass is green,

And a stronger man,

as for me, you were the one I loved the most,

so I'll be here, sipping on cold old dark roast.

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