Autumn Leaves Fall
Autumn Leaves Fall death stories

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Remembering my Grandmothers.

Autumn Leaves Fall

As Autumn leaves fall,

my tears stream down,

the thought of you hits me,

but I can release now,

crying privately, knowing,

the lovely blossoms are all gone,

they withered like your body,

my lovely grandmother,

I tried to hold on,

To the happy memories,

from my childhood,

As details always fade,

through the passing of years,

I'm sorry, that I had moved away

To start another life,

Extend family, Eventually,

All those memories,

I still carry, on the inside,

turned to pain,

on that very day, I received news,

Making myself wish,

That I had stayed,

All Because You were found lifeless,


Heart ached and stopped,

In the middle of the night,

Sitting in the reclining chair,

Of your home,

you are now gone,

and are a grandmother I dearly loved,

So now my heart groans,

An eruption from within,

as blurry streaks of red, yellow, and orange,

float along past my window, Tears, Flooding my eyes,

Smiles of happiness,

had to become my disguise,

But for as long as autumn leaves fall, I’ll always remember, The moments together,

of our precious time, passing through 4 seasons, Oh my dear grandmother, your heart will always stay, a part of mine.

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