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she changed because of him. Is it for the better or the worse?

She changed

Your intro:

Name: Kim Y/n

Nickname: Yumi

Family members: Me, Mom, Dad, 3 oppas and 1 unnie(actually 2 unnies but you will meet her in the next episodes)

Siblings: Kim SeokJin (Jin, 27), Kim Namjoon (RM, 25), Kim Ji Soo (Jisoo, 24), Kim Taehyung (Taehyung, 24)

Age: 22

Birthday: January/16/ 1998

Personality: (at first) sweet, caring, childish and cute(later) cold, emotionless, scary and heartless...but inside she only feels pain, heartbroken and terrified but no one knows that

Rich or Poor: Rich (since their Dad is the CEO of the biggest company in South Korea, their Mom is the owner of a lot of famous restaurants,

your brothers are k-pop idols and so are you with your sister (but when you go to school you put glasses and lenses so no recognizes you) your parents live in America because they want you

and your siblings to be independent and they want to spread their restaurants and company there in America)

Boyfriend: Jeon Jungkook 22

BFFs: Lalisa Manoban 22, Park Chaeyoung 22 & Hwang Eun Bi (SinB) 21



*Morning Yumi's P.O.V.*

I wake up from the sound of my alarm ringing. Today I'm super excited because it's me and jungkook's first anniversary so after school we will meet each other at the cherry blossom park.

Where he confessed to me. I get up from the bed and I go to the bathroom and take a 20 minutes shower. Then I go to my closet and choose my outfit and do my makeup.

After 5 min of searching I found one:

When I was done. I go downstairs to greet my older siblings and have breakfast. And I find our oldest sibling cooking for us.

Yumi: Morning Jin oppa. What are you cooking today?

Jin: Oh, morning sweetie. I'm making pancakes

Yumi: Yes! I love your pancakes!

???: You love them that much that you can finish 2 batches of them

I quickly turn around and find my 2nd older brother.

Namjoon: Right Yumi?

Yumi: Says the one that he holds something in 10 seconds it's already broken

Namjoon: Yah! That's not true!

I give him the "real" look and then get a mug and give it to him and I start to do a countdown falls and it breaks. I start laughing and clapping.

Meanwhile Namjoon it's sheepish and Jin it's looking down thinking "why do you have to be so clumsy". After Namjoon breaks the mug my older sister and 3rd older brother come downstairs.

Then my older sister start saying

Jisoo: Oppa broke a mug again, right?

Taehyung: Hyung?! Why do you always break things?!

Jin: Anyway, let's eat guys, I prepared pancakes and coffee today

And he starts giving plates to us. Jin oppa's pancake is the best. Btw this is what Jin Oppa served us:

Once I finished them, we take our backpacks and go to school with our cars. This is your car and backpack:

You love tiffany blue so today you wanted to match everything. Once you guys arrive at school you search for Jungkook and you find him. You go to him and cover his eyes.

Yumi: Who is this?

Jungkook: It's my beautiful girlfriend

I take my hands off his eyes and he turns to me and gives me a peck on my lips and we start giggling and staring at each other.

Yumi: So, how is my handsome boyfriend doing? Huh?

Jungkook: Good but I was missing my girlfriend, how about you?

Yumi: Same, anyway see you after school at the blossom park

Jungkook: At what time?

Yumi: Since school finishes at 14:30 maybe at 15:30?

Jungkook: Okay, I have to go with my friends

Yumi: See you <3

And then I see my sister and my best friends running for me. And when they are in front of me, they start panting and trying to catch their breath.

Lisa: Unnie we need to hurry class is about to start! Ppaleun! (faster)

Yumi: Oh, your right let's go and we rush to get to class!

And we start running to get to class before the professor. After we arrive, we don't see our teacher so we go to our seats. The teacher arrives and we bow to her and start our class.

*END OF Yumi's P.O.V.*

*Jungkook's P.O.V.*

I was with my hyungs and we go to our classes. Then there's Jimin Hyung that asks me how the bet is going. Yeah, Yumi is just a bet. But no one of my friends knows who she is.

Jimin: Yah! Jungkook-ie how is the bet going?

Jungkook: Pretty good, today I'm telling her she's just a bet and breaks her heart

Namjoon: Really? The bet we gave you It's finishing today?

Jin: It was that easy? (saying it shocked)

Taehyung: Come on Jungkook tell us her name

Jungkook: Nope I will tell you guys when I will finish the bet, then you guys will give me 10 000 won each(smirking)

Yoongi: Oh, come only lasted 1 year

Jungkook: 1 year is quite enough hyung

Jhope: You have a point maknae

Namjoon: Let's get to class

And after that, we went to class, and when the teacher came, we started class.


*END OF Jungkook's P.O.V.*

*Yumi's P.O.V.*

It was a lunch break so I decided to look for him but, then I find him laughing with his friends and I decide to talk to him later, we are going to cherry blossom park anyways.

So, I search where are the girls. And I find them and sit with them.

Jisoo: Sis, will you dance or sing later because you never sing nor dance, when your full of talent you don't want to waste all of that, do you?

Lisa: Jisoo unnie is right you shouldn't hide your talents

Yumi: I said no and it's a NO.

Rose: Unnie- why don't you want to?

Yumi: I prefer to keep this hidden

SinB: Okay fine.

The bell rings and it's a dancing class. We get up and go to the lockers room. And I change into this:

I always change even if I don't do anything. I do this because I don' t have boys to drool over me and girls kill me or admire me.

I don't like it because it' s to suffocating and I don't think all of them would be happy. Then we enter the dance class and find Mr. Xiao waiting for us students.

After all the class has entered the classroom he starts asking for our "assignments" that are choreographies and dances.

After all the others showed their assignments the bell rang and we go to singing class so I and girls change, then went to the music room

After an hour of school finishes and I go to eat and prepare for my and Jungkook's 1st anniversary. I wear this:

It's already 15:00 so I decided to go there early.

But when I arrive there, I see something that I shouldn't see that broke my heart. Jungkook kissing my best friend on OUR anniversary. Tears start building in my eyes.

After they finish their make-out session, they see and began to smirk. I start walking to them. Once I'm in front of them I say.

Yumi: Hahaha congrats you're a couple

Jungkook: Oh, come on Yumi you were just a bet that my hyungs gave me

Yumi: Oh really? I see so since I'm only a bet would you mind telling me their names?

Jungkook: Seriously? Jin hyung, Namjoon hyung, Taehyung hyung

I was shocked because the names are the same as my brothers. It means they did want this to happen to me. What a fool I am. I'm playing not only by a jerk but my brothers too.

Yumi: I will ask you 2 last questions then I will leave you two alone forever.

SinB: Ugh...fine but fast

Yumi: Do you have a picture of them?

Jungkook: Yes, why?

Yumi: Can I see it?

Jungkook: Ok? Wait a

Once I see my brother's faces, I scoff in disbelief. Knowing my brothers wanted me to be heartbroken. I was mad at all of them all of Jungkook's friend but especially my brothers and Jungkook.

I give him his phone back and I start walking to my house. And call my unnie, and she responded.

Yumi: Unnie(sob) can you(sob) pick me(sob) up pls(sob)

Jisoo: Sure, but Yumi are you crying?

Yumi: I will(sob) tell you(sob) later(sob) pick up(sob)the girls(sob) all except(sob)SinB

Jisoo: Sure, sis, but, where are you?

Yumi: You can(sob) pick me up(sob) at home(sob) I will start packing(sob) do you(sob) want me(sob) to pack(sob) your things?

Jisoo: Why are you packing?......(sigh) fine start packing for me too

Yumi: Okay(sob)later unnie

Once I arrive I there is no one was home so I start packing. I think they're out celebrating with Jungkook their bet.

As I finish packing my things, I go to Jisoo unnie's room to pack her staff too. The girls arrive and I say:

Yumi: Girls let's go to our dorm please we will stay there for a while (serious tone)

Lisa: O-ok unnie, but are you okay?

Yumi: Why I will tell at home

Rose: Wait...wait...y-you's moving to the dorm with us?

Jisoo: Wait for's that serious that we're moving at the dorm?

You guys arrive at the dorm. You tell them everything while sobbing and crying and they get furious. For the first time you see your sister really but really angry.

The girls were really angry but more worried about you. You were tired and you decided to go to sleep.


What will Yumi do? Will she get revenge? Will she leave the country? Will she suicide? Will she kill Jungkook or SinB? Or maybe a new member will appear

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