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kylabae13Throw kindness around like confetti
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Dear Love,

by kylabae13

How does it feel like to be accepted as who you are? Not who you aren't.

They said if you love someone, you fight for them and will do everything to be with them..

..but what about those people who are loved but is said to be not worth fighting for?

They say follow your heart...

..but what if your heart is in a million pieces..

..which piece do you follow?

People ask for love and attention..

..but why do they make it hard for us to give it to them?

I tried to love you..

..but it pains to see you giving all your love to me...

..even when you know I don't deserve it because...

..its meant for someone else..

..someone you can be happy with..

..someone you can spend your whole life with..

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