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A short story about a girl who thinks she could never be enough for anyone...

Am I not enough?

by kylabae13

I was young when my dad left us. I could barely understand what he was doing back then...

I grew up not having a father. I'm not asking for one but I always question myself why he left. Wasn't he contented with mom? Wasn't he contented with me?

I was college when I had my first boyfriend.

he would tell me he loved each and every day. I told him that my greatest fear is to be left alone, I told him about my father and he promised me he wouldn't be like him. I gave him my trust..but

..but he took advantage of it. I caught him giving flowers to a girl while kissing her hand. My heart sank at that moment. "He promised.." I told myself tears streaming down my face as I watched

He saw me and hurriedly walked towards me. I stayed to hear him explain. but all I could ever answer is, "..but you I not enough? is there something wrong with me?" he was speechless

I rushed to my house and ran to my room. My heart was torn into pieces, tears barely stopping. I couldn't think straight. Is there something she has that I don't?

Is it hard to love someone like me?

the thing I don't understand is that...I gave him everything and that is what he gives me in return...

I held on to him..

even when I couldn't hold on to myself and keep myself together..

I cared for him..

even though I knew he wouldn't care and see..

He was enough for me..

even though I wasn't enough to him..

Tell me what you think about this short story. Sorry if I'm lame at this but hey, I tried :)

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