Into the Veil
Into the Veil poem stories

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Excelsior, she followed it.

Into the Veil

She slammed the door to her room

As she came in

Weeping for the world that was not enough

And engrossing herself in the gloom.

In despair, she saw it

Icy skin, mucky claws and red eyes

Looking, no, longing for her

To see what it defies.

Because she was angry

Because she was in despir

Because she wanted more,

She saw the world rare.

Excelsior, she followed it

Into the never-ending dark

Pausing, just to see behind

What all she abandoned.

As she saw the bright in the gloom

Something fluttered in her

Hope, maybe

Hope from a horror beast, ha.

What world it was

That made her want more

Ahead she went never looking back

From the dark intot he bright.

Never did she look back.

Never did she regret.

Never did she fret.

Always the beast stayed in the veil.

So did she.

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