A dog called Ego.
A dog called Ego. succes stories

kushkobain Just a french wanna be poet
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Don't get bit. Inspired by a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche.

A dog called Ego.

An overblown shadow cast by a blinding light

And a searing torch shining through the night.

The flame lights my path and keeps my feet on solid ground.

With this flame, I can never be lost.

With this flame, my way becomes ever so clearer.

What a beautiful flame, I thought.

And so behind me, I heard a horrible growl.

As I look towards the light, a terrible hound follows my every step.

Lurking in the darkness, out of sight.

I know him well, living in my shadow ever since I can remember.

But now, because of my torch, his presence feels like a towering giant.

Unwavering, I keep a steady pace, lest I get swallowed whole.

Forever marching on a path that never ends.

That night, I learned that the path of ambition is never a lonely one.

Because it is walked side by side a dog called Ego.

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