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Heartbreaking Romance.

Draft #101

When did you forget

how much i hate open doors

and sugar coated candies

How much longer am i to remember

that you like your coffee black

and your bed unmade

Do you wonder if i still

go to the park in my yellow slippers at 5:15

or every sunday to that ice cream place

I hope i'll still find you

in the bowling alley every friday night

and at 9:05 on the treehouse we built

Have you forgotten already

how much i loved your sleeves rolled up

and your hair disheveled

I keep reminders of you, you know

like i leave my hair open now, i remember you loved it

and i don't wear pink, it was always your last pick

Do you still think about

how I'd jump up with a glint in my eyes at small things

or shy away when you introduced me to someone as yours

and how I'd smack your chest lightly when you'd say something inappropriate

or how we'd run around everytime you tickled me

I can still vividly picture

Your notorious grin when you were going to surprise me

or those guilty puppy eyes when you'd wronged

that mischevious smirk when you'd prank of the guys

and that beautiful smile that stole my heart

I remember now to

pay the bills by the fourth

and take the cake out at exactly 28 minutes

I hope you haven't forgotten that

your mum needs to see the doctor every tuesday

and your tea only boils for 12 minutes

If you ever saw me again

would you bring me a sunflower

and bow down before laughing with me

like old times

If I ever saw you again

i'd bring you a book for the week

and bow down with you before laughing

like we always did

I know that was the last time

i'd ever feel the warmth

of your embrace

but today

i hope you can see me

smiling with the smile you'd told me

i would conquer the world with

This world wasn't a place good enough

for a blessing like you

it's cruel and ruthless

for the demons

but for wherever you are now

i hope you're happier

This one's for you, my love

to forever and always

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