DETECTIVE K "Story-2 part-1"
DETECTIVE K "Story-2           part-1" serialkiller stories

kunalsingh I have written a detective story series
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"The serial killer named who" 1st part "The starting of the devil"
If you have not read the previous parts then please read them. its all connected to previous parts

DETECTIVE K "Story-2 part-1"

"The serial killer named nobody"

1st part "The starting of the devil"

"four murders and no clue, its time to help of some intelligent men" officer Evans said to his junior.

Officer Evans ranged to Rodger and said "the time has come rodger ,so get ready, where is K".

Rodger answered "he is investigating the third murder, he says that it's a work of serial killer".

Officer told rodger to come to police station at evening.

Rodger said K" as you told they need your help lets start it".

At evening K and Rodger went to police station where they found that the killer kills people by torturing them.

"how does he tortured them" asked K to officer.

Officer said" firstly, he gave them chance to run then he shots on the leg of the victims, then he cut there fingers by chain saw,

then he write some numbers on there chest with the help of knife".

K saw the photos of the victims on the last victim's chest the number 45 was written and on the third one 44 was written.

K said to officer " these are the numbers of the victim he had killed, he is challenging us".

He took the information of all the victim and asked police to check whether these type of serial killing had been done before or not.

He also took a case file of second victim. Rodger asked him "why does you the case file of only the second victim".

K said " because of some kind of interest".

Holidays of the college were over k and rodger went back to their hostel and began to work on the case file of the second victim named Arthur shilling , he was not a rich man,

works at different places, helped police in many cases.

K and rodger were sitting and laughing on joke and the phone ranged, it was officer Evans.

Officer said "these type of murders had been done 1 year back, now the killer started his killing once again".

K said "I was just expecting this".

"a bad news is also there K, Carrie Reeves was 46th victim, he was found dead in his flat and tortured in the same way as the others" said officer.

K's face became pale and shocked he asked officer "is yaney knows it".

Officer told him to talk to yaney as she don't know.

After listening to the officer K sat silently without saying a word. Rodger asked him "what the policeman told".

K rubbing his forehead said " carrie is dead".

They both were thinking how to tell this news to yaney as she was in a party of her friend.

K said" we are going to the flat get ready ".

They both went to he flat saw the body and both were in a deep thinking.

Yaney get there and started crying and shouting to both of them "why don't you told me".

They had no words to say.

As they went to the hostel.

Rodger said" what is the thing you are not telling us K, I know you are hiding things, her brother Is dead and know also you are working on the case fill of this nobody man".

K sighs and told "here is the thing how we get to the murderer".

Rodger shouted " how ".

K says " you remember Andrew who was pushed by the roof of carrie's flat".

Rodger told "yes offcourse our first case but police can't found the murderer".

"Yes they will never going to find the murderer because the men who murdered him were me and carrie"

Rodger suddenly stand and shouted "what the fuck is going on in your head, are you mad, you fucker".

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