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kunalsingh I have written a detective story series
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A man named K is a college student but help police to solve cases.......


The day of annual prize giving... "Yaney Reeves", '1'st ranker "Mr."K walker,'2'nd ranker This sound of professor Kindle was heard by everyone.

after receiving the prize on stage in their college K and Yaney Reeves went behind the stage where Yaney said "K,Rodger is not looking happy"in a fearful tone.

the K saw Rodger Bunnle with his pale face by remembering the night before their exam,

when he betrayed Rodger by saying that he had not learnt anything for the exam and approved him to fail together like brothers. But now K got second position in the college.

Hence Rodger was angry,tightened his hands,redness on his face could be seen by K.after remembering K says to Yaney,"No,he is not angry,he is just having a stomach pain",'thats all'.

In a harsh steady tone.After prize giving function Yaney gave K a small white card, on which it was written: Room no. 109 Topclass flat , soorya nagar.

and said 'Today is my birthday and I want to invite you in my party tonight 8:00pm at the address written on the card'.

'I will come if I don't have work',says K without seeing her in a serious tone because Rodger was coming to him having anger on his face.Yaney went with her friends to their hostel.

'You betrayed me ',says Rodger angrily.To avoid Rodger's anger K suddenly said"Tonight is party by Yaney on her brothers flat.K left Rodger instantly.

All the students walked to their hostel room.At 7:50pm sitting in his table,K was thimking and stirring at the address card given by Yaney.

He stand quickly holding the card and went to the bathroom.He came out wearing a white shirt, a black pant and a black suit over his shirt.

Locked his room , walked downstairs and the garage and see's no vehicles,he asked the watchman "where all had gone","To Yaney's party",watchman answered.

K thought to take a taxi,He went to the main gate there he saw Rodger sitting on his bike saying"come on K"in an angry tone.K smiles and get on the bike behind Rodger.

As they were moving K says" I was thinking....",before he spoke the full sentence,Rodger shouted"shut up".Then they parked his bike in the basement of the flat.

Both of them went without talking to each other.Rodger pressed the button of lift but it did not come down from the top floor.Then they both walked by the stairs to Yaney's room.

K knocked the door.A young man having red hairs,tall posture,clean shaved wearing a suit, opened the door.

The room was big,most of the people were dancing and drinking cold drinks and some were sitting in the sofa."My name is Carrie Reeve,brother of Yaney",said the young man.

Then Rodger began to dance with his college friends.K and Carrie sat down in the sofa in front of each other."What do you do sir"'K asked Carrie,"I am a army oficer".

K was seeing outside sitting in a comfortable position.He saw something whitish thing falling down from the roof.

K suddenly stands and went towards the window and saw down,his face become pale and he shouted"OH MY GOD",he than went to rodger and said "there is a man dead on the floor".

to be continued..... in the next story....

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