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You became Todoroki's first friend, first crush, first love. You were his superhero.



My Superhero

I met a superhero

A boy sat crying on the swings in the noisy playground. Although the play area was full of children, they all stayed away from him because they were afraid.

Afraid of what, one might ask. Well, if you were from that neighbourhood, you would know that the boy crying on the swings was none other than the child of the no. 2 hero.

All of them were scared of him and his father, and those who either were brave or pitied the poor 5-year-old were warned by their parents to stay away from the child.

Nobody wanted to meddle with Endeavour, so people stayed out of his way. It was a natural occurrence to see the poor boy, all alone in the middle of a crowd.

Today seemed different though, the wind blew harder than it had the past spring, making the cherry blossoms flutter around in the breeze like a whirlwind.

The boy didn’t take notice of this until it had stopped abruptly and a soft melodic voice called out to him.

He looked up from the palms of his hands to meet a pair of (e/c) eyes staring right into his mismatched ones.

You didn’t seem familiar to him, maybe you had moved here recently?

The little boy didn’t know for sure, but he brightened up a bit when he had realised that you had come to him, then became sad when he heard the other children calling out to you.

'She won’t want to hang around me…She'll go running away just like all the other kids soon.' The boy thought, but you just stood there, as if you were waiting for him to speak.

'Maybe she doesn’t know. Might as well tell her before she becomes an outcast as well.'

“A-aren’t you g-going to run away j-just like the o-other kids? I-I’m not someone y-you would want t-to be f-friends with…” He turns his gaze away from your eyes and directs it towards his dangling feet, not wanting to see you leave.

To his surprise, instead of shuffling away from him, he sees your feet move towards the swing beside him you sit down, not looking away from him.

“And why wouldn’t I want to be friends with you?” He glances up at you in disbelief.

Usually, the other children would think him to be anti-social and rude, so they would avoid him if they came this far, but this girl didn’t.

“Haven't you heard? I’m the child of the no. 2 hero, Endeavour. You scared of me now? My father could easily beat you up with his strength, so why should you even bother trying to get to know me?” He says bitterly, kicking a pebble under the swings.

“That’s stupid in my opinion. Why should I be afraid of you if your father is some big shot and he’s super strong? The law states that he can’t harm me, especially since he is Endeavour like you said.” You state, your tone serious and logical.

He looks up at you in amazement. She wasn’t…afraid of me? The (h/c) girl glanced at him with a happy look this time. “And besides, you are you. You are not your father, and certainly not frightening to me.” You tilt your head. “All I see is a lonely boy who needs a friend.” He just gawks at you, not knowing what to say about that.

You then launch yourself of the highest point of the swing and somehow manage to land without hurting yourself.

You walk back to him while brushing yourself off and stick a hand out for him to shake. “Now that you see that I really want to become your friend, we can finally get to know each other.

I’m (Y/N)! What’s your name?”

The wind starts to pick up again and the cherry blossom petals circle around the two, some catching in the boy’s red and white hair. She looks like a real hero.

He reaches out to take your hand with a small smile forming on his face. “I'm Shoto!”

Cause they say if you love her let her go

“Sho-kun, I really like him.” Those words. Those were the words that broke his heart.

No matter how many time he tried not to think about it, my heart couldn’t help it but shatter into pieces when I heard that. “I think he knows and likes me as well! What should I do?”

“You should go tell him then,” Shoto replied casually, keeping his emotions inside of him. 'What’s so special about him anyway?'

You look at him happily. “Yeah, I should! Thanks, Sho-kun!”

The next day, he asked your crush to meet him alone in the classroom at lunch when nobody was around. Shoto grabbed him by the collar and raised him up.

“If you ever hurt (Y/N) I swear to god I’ll hunt you down and kill you.” He gritted through his teeth.

The boy looked directly into the raging flames burning in Shoto’s eyes. “I know she likes me, and I don’t like her the same way. I would never want to hurt her on purpose, but it has to be done.

It’ll hurt even more if I lie about my response to her feelings.”

He dropped the boy to the ground and began to walk out of the classroom. Before he exited the classroom doors, he looked back one last time.

“Just don’t break her into unfixable pieces, and don’t deceive her.”

And with that, he walked out of the classroom, leaving the other boy on the floor looking at him.

She did things to me that no one else could

You smiled at the sunrise over the lake you were visiting, then look solemnly to your left, at your childhood friend.

“Ne, Sho-kun, even when we part ways with you going to UA and me going to Canada, you’ll always be my best friend.

And you’ll be mine, right, Sho-kun?” He smiled sadly, but you didn’t quite get why he sounded so sad.

Maybe it was because of the topic of her leaving Japan at the end of the summer before high school.

But if you were going to be happy, then he should be happy, right? He was, after all, your 'best friend'.

Shoto grabbed your left hand and held it gently. “Yeah, you’re right (Y/N). I’ll always be your best friend.” 'But I wish I was more to you.'

You punch his shoulder lightly to chase away some of the heavy atmosphere surrounding both of you. “You’re still going to video chat me everyday, promise?” You held out your pinky finger to him.

Even though it was childish to keep doing this in junior high, he never seemed to mind as long as it was you who made him do it.

He hooked his pinkie with yours. “Yeah, I promise.” You grin, making his heart plummet, and pulled him towards the shore by the arm. “We have established the pact.

Now c’mon, let’s enjoy our last day camping together.”

I lost her I want her back

This was it. It was just you and him in that small swing set you spent so many of your childhood days playing with him.

Today, after years apart in separate countries, today was finally the day he was going to come clean on his feelings.

Gripping the (favourite flowers) in his hands, he looked at the cherry blossoms and remembered the day he first met you on those same swings.

“Sho-kun!” Your voice called out to him from behind. He stands up and turns around to see you waving at him to get his attention.

He gives you a small smile and starts walking towards you with flowers in hand. He watched your smiling face, and you had moved to come closer as well, your (h/c) locks fluttering behind you.

All of a sudden, you quicken her pace, sprinting towards him with a panic-stricken look over your face.

“what’s-" he started, before you shove him to the side, making him drop the flowers he was going to give you.

He looked up to see what happened and it shook him to the core. You glanced down at your grey blouse, blood slowly soaking through.

Your hands are slightly speckled in red as they move to grab the hilt of the dagger that pierced through your stomach, and you dropped to the ground like a stone.

Don't wanna talk about it

He scrambled to your side, and wildly looked around to find who had stabbed you, but the perpetrator had vanished into thin air. He worriedly set his attention to your rapidly failing figure.

“It's going to be alright, I’ll take you to the hospital. You’re going to be fine, you’ll make it out alive.” He was frantically trying to put pressure on the wound to slow the blood pouring out, but you knew that it was useless.

You grasp his hands, stopping him from trying in vain to save you. “Ne…S-sho-kun, s-stop it a-already…” You give out a small cough, blood trickling down the side of your chin.

“We…*cough*…both k-know that I’m n-not going to live a-after this…” The coughs started to rack your whole body.

He grabbed your shoulders to stabilise you, not wanting to hear the words that were coming out of your mouth. “You're wrong, you’ll stay alive. You’ll be alright, and I’ll be there by your side.

You’ll be alright, don’t leave me, please. I can’t lose you.” The last words that came out of his mouth sounded choked as the tears slid down his cheeks.

You smile through the pain, not wanting to see Shoto crying.

Out of the two of you, Shoto was the one who was the composed one, helping you in your studies, always sorting out your life dilemmas, comforting you when your first love rejected you.

It hurt to see him like this, more than the pain coming from the stab. “Shhh, it’s g-*cough*going to b-be alright, Sho…” Your eyes felt droopy, and you fought to keep them open.

“Don't speak, conserve your energy, I’ll bring you help and you’ll be ok.” The tears started to flow out of your eyes as well.

“I-I’m a r-really *cough* lucky person t-to have you *cough cough* a-as my friend all th-these years…” You reach up to cup his left cheek in your hand, brushing away the tears on that beautiful scar. He grabs that hand and presses it closer to him as if he could keep you there with him if he could stay close to you.

“I love you Sho…” And with those parting words, your eyes close for the last time. Your hand goes limp in his, the remaining warmth of them rapidly fading away.

Your face is etched with the remnants of your last smile, that loving smile that was you gave just for him.

He broke down then and there, crying out his love for you.

A warm breeze enveloped him and the cherry blossoms circled around the two of you like the first day he met you as if you gave him one last goodbye

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