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An Abstract Poem reflecting shades of characters of a Human Being

Real Story

Far and far away from the Mars,

Landed in the earth few Stars

One of them dropped and broke

In a fresh Carrot the broken one just stuck

While the others were transferred to Stones and become fortunes

The carrot stone became a human Neptune

The others made their own powers

Whereas the carrot stone

started losing its own desires

The stones have their own characteristics which are heavy and hot

But the carrot stone has the only characteristic

As the carrot got

While the others made various events creating much confusion

The carrot stone used to decrease the pollution

The others stone got that only what is expected

Whereas the hopes of the Carrot stone are always neglected

When the others are remarked as Kings

The carrot stone is treated like normal human beings.

The kings orders were working as much as sharpened

The expected desire of that human was never happened

One thing which he got at first, he never believed

The Carrot had a golden heart which he had only received

One thing of that carrot which he realized

The condition of the golden carrot remained same and never minimized

Suddenly the happy days were caught by cold

No one to save and help

None to hold

The Stone carrot was given one choice

Work for God and rejoice

Now the stone carrot has greater responsibility

To keep his love with the Golden carrot was not then within his ability

Following the path of Jesus Christ

It was loving the Golden Carrot thing which he sacrificed

Taking the world's smoke inside his chest for final fight

The golden carrot closed his eyes under the moonlight

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