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Bring on 2021

life goes on

I've never liked change.

Change for me was always someone or something leaving.

My once best friend now walks by, unable to even look at me.

My favorite restaurant closed for good.

School is completely online.

Everyone talks about how bad 2020 is.

It was pretty bad.

But this entire year I have been trying to only look at the good.

I've applied to graduate school.

My family has gotten even closer.

I've begun to forget about my once best friend.

That is the energy I will bring to 2021.

This will be my year.

Graduation will happen, whether online or in person.

My good friend is getting married, and I could not be happier for her.

My ambition is to start my career while continuing on into grad school.

2021 will be filled with changes.

I am not going to like them all.

Probably even fight most of them.

But change can be good.

Change is a new beginning.

Life goes on with change.

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