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by kshitiz

I wanna roll down the alley. Wait for the sunshine under the same old moon.

Every afternoon walking with my shadow. Hoping one day it turns into you.

Every day i wanna watch the same morning sunrise sitting beside you. And i wish my heart could hear your heart beat.

Now and then i turn my room dark, close my eyes and dream about you. I imagined of telling my feel but never found enough words.

I know i am not wort of you. But please. Show me your door. So that i could leave my heart out. Which is already yours.

May be i am boring. But if we travel together in the journey of life. I promise i will make sure it gets beautiful and memorable.

Now days i question my self. Why am i so afraid to lose you? When you are not even mine.

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Beautiful verses. You conveyed the ideation of love with your words so well chosen. Great job!!!!!!!